General Information

General Needs and Goals

In more and more sectors the future of organizations depends on their capacities not only to communicate efficiently, thanks to tools and methods of the 21st century, but also on their ability to defend and to promote a project thanks to networking and building coalitions.

Advocacy is a new and crucial high level competency based not only on mastering communication, branding, e-reputation, but also on developing human relationships and networking. Excellence in all these fields is essential. The curriculum should appeal to staff of companies and organizations willing to build their networks and markets in the globalization context.

Advocacy is a fundamental requirement across all sectors of the global economy and encompasses a wide range of knowledge, communication, and project management skills. Organizations advocate their causes to governments, to other organizations, and even to their own employees. However, advocacy is often ineffective without the proper strategy and execution. Successful advocates combine the skills of a subject matter expert, a project manager, a spokesperson, an ambassador and a leader.

This program is designed to teach students how to think in the unique terms of advocacy, from developing persuasive arguments to how a campaign is structured and conducted. Advocacy is best learned though practice, so important features of the curriculum are hands-on case studies and role playing exercises as well as hearing from practicing advocates about real world successes and failures.


Diploma's director
Dr. Patrick-Yves Badillo
University of Geneva