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The DAS program is design to develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully influence global issues. The International Organizations, Businesses, NGOs and Governments heavily rely on advocacy as the tool to push their agendas and win a cause.

Advocacy is central in developing and promoting industry and government initiatives. In order to launch a successful advocacy campaign you need to have the right skill-set in place. Communication, external relations and cross-cultural understanding all play a vital role in ensuring that your initiatives are implemented.

Through this Diploma of Advanced Studies, IATA and the University of Geneva share their best practices to help you successfully develop in an international business environment. Courses are taught by University professors as well as industry experts to provide both academic and practical content.


Certificate director
Dr. Patrick-Yves Badillo
Université de Genève 


Jean-Dominique Vassalli (Rector of the university of Geneva), and Tony Tyler (CEO - IATA), after signing the memorendum of understanding for the Advocacy diploma